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Writer's Relief Blog: "Fragments and Run-On Sentences: Sentence Spoilers"

Nothing distracts your reader as much as grammatical errors, whether they be misplaced commas, dangling modifiers, or pronoun agreement problems. Perhaps the most noticeable of these errors are sentence-structure errors—sentence fragments and run-on sentences. It is always helpful to have a proofreader, like those at Writer’s Relief, look over your creative writing before sending it out for publication. Here are some tips on how to recognize, correct, and even avoid fragments and run-on sentences.

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Writer's Relief Blog: "Verbal Gobbledygook: Editing Extra Words Out Of Your Writing"

Many writers struggle when it comes to editing extra words out of their sentences. Finding extraneous words and knowing when to delete them can be tough, and if you’re a novelist working on a book or a short story or essay writer, you can’t depend on your editor to line edit your prose. Wordiness and bad sentence structure repel busy editors. Serious writers must learn to self-edit and get rid of unnecessary words.

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