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Writer's Relief Links Roundup, August 2013

Our staff members are always on the lookout for the latest tips, trends, and helpful tools for writers so we can better guide our clients and readers. And while we’ve always offered a variety of free staff-written articles, our Links Roundup posts provide readers with regular updates on our favorite online resources offered by other websites. We hope you enjoy the following five resources as much as we did!

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…what I enjoy in a narrative is not directly its content or even its structure, but rather the abrasions I impose upon the fine surface: I read on, I skip, I look up, I dip in again. Which has nothing to do with the deep laceration the text of bliss inflicts upon language itself, and not upon the simple temporality of its reading.
Roland Barthes

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The Urban Muse/Writer's Relief: "Email Or E-mail? Online Or On-line? Are You Behind The Times?"

The Internet and the digital age have revamped almost everything about our world: The way we read books (good-bye, print), listen to music (adios, CDs), get our news (sayonara, newspapers), even changing our language. The Web has added so many new words to our vocabulary. But grammar pundits, who are rigorous about insisting that language rules be logical and consistent, seem to be at odds with the general public, which largely prefers ease and convenience.

So, is it email or e-mail? Web site or website? Online or on-line?

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