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4 Things You Must Know About A Literary Agent

You’ve written, edited, proofed, and formatted your book manuscript until it’s polished and ready to go. So you may think that the finish line to getting published is in sight and all your hard work is behind you.

Not so fast. Getting your work published is a marathon, not a sprint, and you’ve simply entered the next leg of the publishing race: finding a literary agent to represent your book to publishers.

As you search the Internet and pore over directories, it’s important that you don’t make the mistake of believing “more is better!” Sending your query packet haphazardly to any and every literary agent whose name you find doesn’t give you better odds — it gets you more rejections. Instead, through careful research, narrow the field down to those agents most likely to be interested in you and your writing.

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Why Every Writer Needs An Author Brand

You spend your days (and nights!) writing, rewriting, and submitting your work to literary agents or journals. That’s everything a “hoping-to-be-successful” writer needs to do, right? Not quite. In today’s media-savvy publishing industry, it’s just as important for writers to develop their author brands.

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5 Unconventional Poetry Forms - Huffington Post/Writer's Relief's Writer Wednesday

April is National Poetry Month, a time when poets and would-be bards alike turn their attention to verses both free and formal. If you’re going to write poetry, why not try giving your work a unique twist, something that editors of literary magazines don’t already have piling up on their desks? Here are five unexpected poetry forms to inspire your muse and make your poetry stand out.

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The Art Of Using Correct Verb Tenses In Your Writing - Huffington Post Books/Writer's Relief's Writer Wednesday

Enforcing consistent verb tense in your writing is crucial. Nothing makes an editor’s brain hurt more than trying to read through distracting or confusing verb tenses. If one sentence has so many varying tenses that readers don’t know if you’re coming or going, you can be sure your work is going to end up in the editor’s reject pile.

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4 Ways To Get Your Poetry Noticed - Huffington Post Books/Writer's Relief's Writer Wednesday

Generally, literary journal editors encourage authors to submit three to five poems at once for consideration.

The question is, how should a writer choose which poems to include in any given submission group? Should the poems be wildly different, or should there be some continuity?

There are four practical strategies to guide you in creating a group of poems for submission. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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Huffington Post Books/Writer's Relief's Writer Wednesday - The Clock's Ticking: Why Aren't You Writing?

Time. There never seems to be enough of it, especially if you’re trying to schedule writing time into your already busy day. It’s all too easy to let other tasks and responsibilities push writing aside, assuming that you will get to it tomorrow. But tomorrow becomes the next day, then the next week. How do you make the time to make your writing a priority?

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Huffington Post Books/Writer's Relief's Writer Wednesday: 3 Grammar Mistakes You Just Might Be Making

Grammar are a persnickety…wait…let’s try that again. Grammar is a persnickety cog in the writing machine. Try as we might, sooner or later, every writer stumbles and makes a grammatical gaffe.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could write and write and not have to worry about correcting silly grammar slipups? Of course it would.

So pour yourself some coffee/tea/Sanka (does anyone drink Sanka anymore?), pull up your favorite chair, and peruse a few of our favorite grammar do’s and don’ts. Hopefully, like a singular subject to a singular verb, we can agree.

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Huffington Post Books/Writer's Relief's Writer Wednesday - 3 Questions Your Professional Writing Bio Must Answer

You’re writing your cover or query letter, and it’s time to add your bio. But what information do you include and what should you leave out? Whether you’re a professional writer or just starting out, deciding how to describe yourself and your publication credits (or lack thereof) can be a challenge. By answering these three important questions, you can be sure to write a bio that literary agents and editors will find professional and interesting.

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Huffington Post Books/Writer's Relief - Writer Wednesday: How To Breathe New Life Into Your Short Stories

We’ve all been there: You begin to revise your short story, but the more you rewrite, the more unenthused you feel. You were happy with it the first time, but now it seems a bit flat and predictable. You panic as you try to figure out what to do. Rewrite just one page? Cut out a character? Toss the whole thing and start from scratch?

Take a deep breath. There are a few simple steps you can take to revive your short story and make it fresh and unique.

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