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Hallo-READS: Horror And Thriller Novels Reviewed By The Writer'€™s Relief Staff

Although the Writer’s Relief staff members are a diverse bunch, one thing we all have in common is our love of reading. On the Writer’s Relief Goodreads page, we review a variety of books suited to various tastes that we found to be especially enjoyable, but this particular post is devoted to some of the ones that scared our (book) jackets off! Here are some recommendations from some of our in-house bookworms:

(CAUTION! You may not want to read these alone at night…)

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Ask The Writer'€™s Relief Staff: The Creepiest Thing I Ever Read

In case you couldn’t tell from our yearly costume showcase, the Writer’s Relief staff really, really loves Halloween. With the 31st just around the corner, we’re having fun around the office creeping each other (and ourselves!) out with spooky stories and books.

If you’re looking for something nice and scary to read over the next few weeks, check out some of these picks from the staff, guaranteed to raise the hair on the back of your neck and make you check under the bed before you go to sleep at night.

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The Week In Reviews: February 4 - February 8, 2013

In need of a book recommendation? We’ve got you covered! Check out what the WR staff has read & rated by following Writer’s Relief on Goodreads. This week’s books are:




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Writer's Relief Blog: "Genre Fiction Rules: Find Out If Your Novel Meets Publishers’ And Literary Agents’ Criteria For Publication"

If you have written a book or novel, you’ll want to be sure that it meets the basic criteria of book publishers and literary agents. Follow the rules of genre fiction (whether it’s romance, Western, thriller, fantasy, historical, sci-fi, or horror), and you are more likely to get your book published.

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Writer's Relief Blog: "Monster Mash: Our Favorite Literary Monsters"

Freddy, Jason, The Wolfman…Classic monsters of the big screen are famous for scaring movie-goers into fits of teeth-chattering terror.

But some of us (raise your hand if you’re guilty) have contracted a serious case of the creeps from monsters that appear in literature.

Is it just us, or are some things scarier when you have to imagine them yourself?

Check out our slide show of literary monsters—if you DARE!!!

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