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Writer's Relief Blog: "The Query Letter—From a Marketing Standpoint"

In a previous issue we talked about what information you should include in a query letter. Now let’s look at the business aspects of your query and focus on marketing. How can you be sure you’re pitching your novel or book in a way that demonstrates savvy marketing know-how?

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Writer's Relief Blog: "Our Best Of List For 2011 – Articles for Creative Writers"

You know that 2011 brought huge changes to the publishing industry. And we had your back through them all.

But in case you missed any of our articles, here are some of our personal favorites (and yours) from the year!

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Huffington Post/Writer's Relief's Writer Wednesday: "Surprising Things Literary Agents Can Do For You"

In the old days of publishing, literary agents had a clear and pretty much singular function: to advocate on behalf of their clients by liaising with publishing houses.

But now—look out! The publishing industry is upside down. The economy has affected books sales and advances. And literary agents have started to create additional revenue streams and added new services to their workloads, in part to pad their bottom lines (and let’s face it, some bottoms could use a little padding).

Here’s what you should know about what some literary agents have added to their bag of tricks…

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