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Writer's Relief Blog: "5 Strategies To Make Your Short Story Stand Out In A Crowd"

Imagine for a moment that you’re the editor of a well-known literary journal. Every day, hundreds of short stories cross your desk in a relentless stream, blurring together, melting into one huge pile of “no.” For the most part, none of the short story submissions stand out in a crowd. You wish writers would learn the best way to submit stories to literary magazines.

And then—BAM! A story out of left field strikes a chord deep within you. Now that’s something you might want to publish. It goes in the other pile, the much smaller and elusive batch of wonderful “yes.”

That’s a scene any writer would love to see play out, but floating to the top of that river of submissions takes effort, persistence, and a couple of tricks up the sleeve. Here are a few ways to make your story stand out.

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